Sales and Repair

Whether you have a system in need of repair or upgrade, or want to buy a new system that fits just right, we can help. Contact Us today to find out how our worry-free service can help.

Software Repair

  • Virus identification/removal

    Pesky virus got you down? We’ll identify it and remove it and help you prevent future infections.

  • Spyware/malware removal

    You may not even know it’s there, but we will find and remove those hidden programs and setup defense for next time.

  • System Optimization

    System running slow and lagging? Let us clean it up and make it run like new. Wash and wax not included.

  • Unwanted program removal

    Need to free up some space or get rid of unwanted programs? We can do that too. Even programs installed when you first bought your machine.

  • System Backup / Restore

    Whether you need to backup those memories or restore them, we can help ensure you won’t lose that precious data.

Hardware Repair

  • General hardware repairs

    Cracks, drops, spills, you name it. If you’re machine is damaged, chances are we can help.

  • Memory or processor upgrades

    Speed up your existing system by upgrading components like RAM, CPU, etc. We can spec, purchase and install.

  • Hard drive upgrades

    Get more space for all those photos, videos and music or supercharge your system with an SSD (solid state drive).

  • Accessories and peripherals

    Printers, all-in-ones, wireless mouse and keyboard? We can help you get the right accessories to work smarter, not harder.

  • Laptop batteries and repairs

    Whether your battery is no holding a charge, or just doesn’t last as long as it once did, we can get you a replacement and install it for renewed power on the go.

HELP! Don’t let your old or broken system get you down. We can repair your old system and have it running like new, or spec you a brand  new one that meets your every need.